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Surface Finisher CFC

Surface Finisher CFC
Adult Education

Length of training:
12 months
Federal vocational education and training diploma
Admission condition

All persons aged 20 or over at the start of the course; hold a federal VET certificate (attestation fédérale de formation professionnelle - AFP) as a polisher and has successfully completed General Culture 2 module, is employed as a polisher.

Adults already in employment can qualify as a surface finisher through a modular training programme.

This module is for adults who already hold a Federal VET Certificate (AFP) in polishing and who wish to learn more theory, particularly in mechanics.

Source : Convention patronale de l'Industrie horlogère suisse, Regulations for in-service basic training in polishing, December 7th 2010

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Associated schools

Fondation pour la Formation des Adultes Genève (IFAGE)


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