Métiers d’art such as engraving, enamelling and gemsetting are closely tied to mechanical watchmaking as a means of decorating and embellishing a watch. As such, watchmakers perpetuate and encourage these traditional and often rare skills. Not all métiers d'art can be learned in schools, in which case master craftsmen train pupils at their workbench. These pages present some of these artistic crafts, and the value they add to a fine watch.

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Decorating and engraving the movement

Most movements remain hidden from view, protected against humidity and dust inside their case. Some, though, can be admired through a sapphire crystal case back that reveals this complex geometry...

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The dial, the face of the watch

Truly the face of the watch, the dial is the expression of its innermost nature, displays its functions, and gives the watch its unique identity. In this sense, the beauty of a Fine Watch...

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The Strap maker

Leather-Strap Maker: A love of well-executed work is what continuously motivates the leather-strap maker to seek out superlative hides with which to make his/her products. The...

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Wonders of enamel

Intimately associated with jewellery and gold since Antiquity, enamel was the natural choice for the decoration of watches during the Renaissance. Enamel is transparent glass colored with...

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