The Strap maker

Credits: Cape Cod Tonneau Silver with a leather strap © Hermès

Leather-Strap Maker:

A love of well-executed work is what continuously motivates the leather-strap maker to seek out superlative hides with which to make his/her products. The extremely dextrous leather-strap maker knows how to match up the two pieces of leather that will form the same strap to ensure a harmonious effect in terms of form and colour. A self-taught craftsman, the strap maker learns how to cut skins and to treat, sew and polish them thanks to his/her own initiatives.

Metal-Bracelet Maker:

From the initial sketch to the finished product, the metal-bracelet maker masters all steps in the production process. Both a mechanic and a craftsman, he/she has is a versatile artisan who can switch naturally between industrial and strictly manual tasks. From his/her portfolio of skills, meticulousness, accuracy and dexterity emerge as the most indispensable qualities for this profession. The metal-bracelet maker also has in-depth knowledge of alloys, thanks to his/her combined training as a jeweller and micromechanic. Alternatively, the skills required for this profession can also be learnt through on-the-job training.

The strap maker