Telling Time

Leaving aside the traditional hour, minute and seconds hands, Telling Time sets out to seize time in its flight, transform its conventions and play with its vocabulary in an original juxtaposition of contemporary art and the watchmaker's art. Features of dial design spill over into artistic, often thought-provoking interpretations of how we keep track of time.

Nine screenings of videos, installations and performance works by international contemporary artists interact with some thirty timepieces, each of which, in its own way, suggests a different perception of time. Hidden, mysterious or secret, captured in unconventional, unclassifiable, sometimes irreverent designs, time becomes the theatre of boundless creativity and invention. Telling Time reveals the coherency and harmony that exist between history past and present. Intriguing, compelling, impertinent even, this fascinating panorama shows that there is more than one way to tell time.

Practical Information


November 16th – November 20th 2017

Opening times:

From Thursday to Monday
10 am – 8 pm


Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)