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Our missions

    • Inform

      We have a role to educate both aficionados of watchmaking and the public at large. We achieve this through the production of magazines, reference books, exhibitions, lectures, an online encyclopaedia, and by relaying latest developments in the sector, training and job opportunities. Also as part of this mission to inform, the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie has compiled a guide to the sector's forty-some professions, for young people who want to make watchmaking their career.

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      The world of watches in all its wealth and diversity.

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    • Train

      From HH Academy to HH Certification, we work actively to develop knowledge of watches and watchmaking, as well as to validate and endorse skills. Year-round, the Foundation delivers a full programme of training, from beginner to expert level. Our goal is to provide the keys to understanding watchmaking, explore its diversity, and safeguard expertise. The Foundation also develops partnerships with schools and training institutes in all areas of the watchmaking and luxury industries.

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      The keys to understanding Fine Watchmaking, from beginner to expert level, with HH Academy.

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    • Recognise

      Since 2005, the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie has acted as a reference for the profession. It integrates notions of excellence, innovation, creativity and a continued heritage. These values were defined by the Cultural Council, which combines the competencies of more than forty international experts. This Council has set out the principles that have accompanied watchmaking from its earliest expression to the present day and into the future.

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      White Paper

      Establish a reference that encompasses the fundamental values of Fine Watchmaking.

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    • Organise

      The Foundation has developed proven competencies in the organisation of events where specialists and the general public discover Fine Watchmaking and its major trends. Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva, a globally renowned event reserved primarily for professionals, and its B2C equivalent, Watches&Wonders in Hong Kong, are the most representative examples.

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      Standout events that showcase Fine Watchmaking all over the world.

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Our Partner Brands

TAG Heuer Greubel Forsey Chanel Bovet 1822 Vacheron Constantin Hermès Parmigiani Fleurier Jaeger-LeCoultre Montblanc MB&F Cartier Van Cleef & Arpels Roger Dubuis Christophe Claret A. Lange & Söhne Bulgari Piaget Panerai Louis Vuitton Girard-Perregaux Chopard IWC Richard Mille Audemars Piguet De Bethune

Innovate, inspire, amaze! Take a closer look at the Fine Watch brands, and share in the creativity and vision that bring their timepieces to life. These brands give form to centuries of expertise and an avant-garde spirit in tune with tomorrow's world. They are the bridge between tradition and modernity.

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Did you know?

  • Christophe Claret: X-TREM /2012



    X-TREM-1. A concept that lives up to its name. X-TREM-1 is the first in a new generation of timepieces. This flying tourbillon watch displays time via a retrograde system that breaks with all previous convention. Doing away...

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  • Edouard Koehn Sr

    Famous watchmakers

    Edouard Koehn Sr

    German clockmaker. Clockmaker to the court of the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. Lived in Geneva from 1859.

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  • Uranus taken by the spacecraft Voyager 2 in 1986



    1781. The English astronomer William Herschel discovered Uranus, the seventh planet in the solar system.

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  • Glossary

    • Asthmometer

      A chronograph or sports counter whose dial includes an asthmometer scale indicating the number of respirations per minute. Usually calibrated for 15 respirations, the chronograph hand is stopped...

    • Bell

      A small, flattened bell in a clock, watch or alarm that is struck with a hammer. In a repeater-watch, bells are replaced by gongs which are strips of tempered steel, firmly secured at one end. The...

    • Côtes or vagues de Genève

      A decoration of undulating lines, like waves, frequently used to embellish superior quality movements.

    • Decimal (Revolutionary) (Republican)

      A watch or clock dial made in 1793, after the French Revolution which imposed the decimal calendar. The year was divided into 12 months and each month into three 10-day periods known as...

    • Electroplating

      A plating technique using electrodeposition.

    • Fire

      The spectral colours that occur when a ray of light is transmitted through two facets at an angle. In a brilliant cut diamond, the crown facets will produce fire.

    • Gemmology

      The study of precious stones.

    • Horology

      The science of measuring time.

    • Inverted calibre

      calibre whose dial is on the side with the bridges and geartrain rather than on the bottom-plate side

    • Jeweller

      In its original, eighteenth-century meaning, a jeweller is an expert in the art of mounting precious stones in gold, silver and, later, platinum so as to bring out their full beauty and sparkle....

    • Knot

      A raised mineral inclusion in a diamond found at the surface.

    • Lever héliaque d'un astre

      An annual occurrence which marks the end of a period of invisibility that began with the star's heliacal setting due to conjunction with the rising Sun.

    • Mechanism

      A configuration of parts to perform a function. The watch is a mechanism whose various parts are themselves mechanisms, each with a specific function. Chronograph mechanism:...

    • Nickel silver (German silver)

      A silver-white alloy of copper, nickel and zinc developed in France circa 1820 by Maillot and Chorier from whom it takes its name.

    • Oval

      A brilliant cut with an oval rather than round girdle (55 facets). Invented in the 1960s, it is increasingly popular for solitaire engagement rings or as a centre-stone surrounded by two...

    • Pleochroism

      The ability of certain bi-refringent gemstones to show different tones a colour when viewed in different directions. Tourmaline is a example of a very pleochroic gemstone.

    • Quartz oscillator

      The regulating organ in a quartz clock or watch.

    • Ratchet

      A saw-toothed wheel.The ratchet wheel in a watch is a toothed wheel that is fixed by a square hole to the barrel arbor. A click (pawl) prevents the ratchet wheel from turning in the...

    • Scale

      Graduations on the dial or bezel from which different measures can be read. A tachymeter scale measures the speed of a moving object over a given distance in kilometres, miles or...

    • Tourmaline

      A dichroic gemstone that comes in all colours of the rainbow. Some crystals are bi or tri coloured. Tourmaline has the greatest colour range of any gemstone. Tourmaline has a hardness of 7-7.5 and...

    • Under-dial work

      Collective term for the mechanisms, such as for striking, a calendar or motionwork, between the dial and the dial plate.

    • Vane

      Uses air friction to slow a moving part, for example the arm on a gravity escapement.

    • Wind

      The action of tightening the mainspring coiled inside the barrel by means of the winding crown (in a hand-wound watch) or the rotor (in a self-winding watch).

    • Year

      A four-digit indication of the current year that changes automatically at midnight on December 31st.

    • Zinc

      A metal applied by electrodeposition (electroplating) to protect iron and steel.

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From A to Z, we've got watchmaking covered!

Job offers: Be part of Fine Watchmaking

  • Published on 10 May 2016

    Stagiaire Recrutement et Projets RH (H/F)


    Cartier International SNC - Paris

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  • Published on 10 May 2016

    Apprenti(e) RH (H/F)


    Cartier Joaillerie International SAS - Paris

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