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    The Miami Design District celebrates
    Haute Horlogerie from 15th to 17th February 2019

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    Replay all the SIHH 2019 highlights in video

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  • HH Journal

    Catch up on the latest news, watches,
    trends, exclusives, and more.


  • Trends 2018

    The cream of the crop, selected for you by our experts.
    New selection from Baselworld after the SIHH selection.


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    Understanding luxury watches is only one click away !

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    Fine Watchmaking now has its White Paper.

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Our areas of expertise

    • Information

      Information is the key to understanding the specificity of Fine Watchmaking, whether for the general public or an enlightened audience. Information also creates interest among younger generations who envisage a career in watchmaking.


      Magazines, books and exhibitions play an important role in "spreading the word". With this in mind, the Foundation creates content, and develops print or digital media intended to further interest in the watchmaking professions.

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      The world of watches in all its wealth and diversity.

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    • Trainings

      Through its FHH Academy, the Foundation educates about watchmaking and recognizes levels of competency. All year round, classes ranging from beginner to expert provide essential knowledge for understanding and exploring the many aspects of watchmaking, as well as safeguarding expertise.


      The Foundation also has partnerships with the main universities and institutes that prepare students for careers in the various fields of watchmaking and luxury.

    • FHH Academy

      The FHH Academy values the transfer of knowledge through trainings. Its mission is to unlock understanding and deliver knowledge to improve business performance for the watch industry sales professionals.

    • Organization

      The Foundation has developed proven competencies in the organization of events where specialists and the general public can discover watchmaking and its major trends, such as Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva - a globally renowned event mainly for professionals - and the Watches & Wonders fairs.

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      Standout events that showcase Fine Watchmaking all over the world.

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Our Partner Brands

Laurent Ferrier TAG Heuer Voutilainen Zenith De Bethune Speake-Marin Grönefeld F.P. Journe HYT Richard Mille Cartier A. Lange & Söhne Breitling Panerai Ferdinand Berthoud Bulgari Armin Strom Hautlence Bovet 1822 Greubel Forsey Parmigiani Fleurier Montblanc Girard-Perregaux Van Cleef & Arpels Urwerk Christophe Claret Ulysse Nardin Ressence MB&F Hermès Piaget Jaeger-LeCoultre Audemars Piguet IWC Romain Gauthier DeWitt Chopard Chanel Carl F. Bucherer RJ Louis Vuitton Roger Dubuis H. Moser & Cie Vacheron Constantin

Innovate, inspire, amaze! Take a closer look at the Fine Watch brands, and share in the creativity and vision that bring their timepieces to life. These brands give form to centuries of expertise and an avant-garde spirit in tune with tomorrow's world. They are the bridge between tradition and modernity.

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Did you know?

  • Timepieces


    The DOUBLE SPLIT is the world's first and only mechanical chronograph with a double-rattrapante function. It features two pairs of stopwatch hands that can run together as well as separately. For the first time, they allow time...

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  • Famous watchmakers

    Thomas Tompion

    English clockmaker. Member of the Clockmaker Company (CC.).Free CC.1671.Master CC.1703 or 1704.Took Georges Graham as an employee (from 1695) then as a partner (Circa 1711)....

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  • History


    Breguet's workshops produced the so-called "Marie-Antoinette watch" which featured all the complications possible at that time.Marie-Antoinette and Breguet, the greatest watchmaking mystery of all time -

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  • Glossary

    • Annual Calendar

      A full or partial simple calendar that takes automatically into account months with less than 31 days or leap years, but not of leap years. It must be adjusted once a year.See Annual...

    • Blanc roulant

      A working movement without its escapement and ready for assembly, rating, adjusting and finishing.

    • Carbonado

      Carbonardo is a rare type of opaque black diamond used for drilling bits and abrasive wheels. Unlike other diamonds, carbonadoes are not found in a crystallized form - they are found in irregular...

    • Dividing head (Division plate)

      A disc with evenly spaced notches around its circumference for dividing the circumference of gears prior to cutting the required number of teeth.

    • Ephemeris

      A table, published annually, showing the positions of the stars and planets.

    • Feuille

      A hand in the form of a leaf.

    • Grande sonnerie

      Watch that strikes the hours and quarters in passing and repeats the hour at each quarter. The hour and quarter strikes can be repeated on demand. Certain Grande Sonnerie...

    • Hour-wheel

      The wheel that carries the hour hand.

    • Indicator

      A watch's indicators are its dial and hands.

    • Jumping hour

      A means of display in which the hour, shown through an aperture, instantly changes every 60 minutes.

    • Kunzite

      A transparent pink or light purple gemstone and is a variety of spodumene. The colour of some kunzite can be enhanced by irradiation. Kunzite has a hardness of 6-7 and a specific gravity of 3.1 -...

    • Lever

      A rigid part that rocks on a resting point. In watches, certain levers command a function or set a position.

    • Moissanite

      A colourless diamond imitation.

    • Niello

      An enamel-like alloy of lead, copper, silver, sulphur and sal ammoniac (ammonium chloride). Niello paste is applied over incised gold or silver then fired in the enamellist's furnace. Excess...

    • Oignon (watch)

      A style of watch made in France in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Its fat, bulbous form suggests an onion. Most oignon watches featured a chased brass case, very occasionally...

    • Push-button

      A button that commands a function, for example to open a case cover or to start and stop a chronograph.

    • Quartz

      Silicon dioxide. Also called rock crystal. Quartz has the specific property of vibrating at a very high frequency (32 MHz) placed under electric current. Under certain conditions, it...

    • Repoussé

      A pattern in relief made by hammering or pressing metal from the reverse side. Gold, silver and copper all lend themselves well to this technique.

    • Snap

      In a watch case, the groove around the bezel which secures the crystal.

    • Trueing calipers

      A tool used to calibrate certain parts.

    • Universal Time (UT)

      Since 1972, a continuation of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which is mean solar time at the Greenwich meridian. Universal Time (UT) is a measurement of time based on the Earth's...

    • Vane

      Uses air friction to slow a moving part, for example the arm on a gravity escapement.

    • Water-resistance

      A watch's water-resistance is measured in bars (a unit of pressure where 1 bar equals 1 atmosphere or atm). Manufacturers generally indicate this water-resistance in metres (m), feet (ft),...

    • Year

      A four-digit indication of the current year that changes automatically at midnight on December 31st.

    • Zodiac

      At the heart of countless legends and beliefs, since ancient times precious stones have had symbolic value. From the Jews to the Egyptians, each culture and religion has given a different meaning...

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