Watch Specialist Class

Type Certifying courses

The Watch Specialist Class provides precises knowledge about the main watchmaking complications and the watchmaking industry.


The Watch Specialist Class offers in-depth theoretical training around various themes: brands’ values, watchmaking history, complications , materials, introduction to the craftsmanship, trends and new products. 

Customer-oriented, this course allows sales staff to apply this new knowledge during activities and role-play. The module uses a variety of media and pedagogical methods that are employed throughout the course and that help to set the rhythm of the course. 


The objectives of the module are:
− Participants will be able to differentiate the particularities of most fine watch brands.
− Participants will be able to identify the key stages in the history of watchmaking.
− Participants will be able to succinctly identify the workings of the main watchmaking complications.
− Participants will be able to identify the elements that make a watch with high-performance.

For whom? 

This training is intended primarily for the sales staff of watch shops and retailers, but is also open to any adult interested in the field. It does not require any prerequisites. However, it is required to have passed the Watch Advisor exam of the FHH Certification beforehand. 


The Watch Specialist course lasts 2 days.

Number of participants 

The training can welcome up to 12 participants.

FHH Certification - Watch Specialist Test

At the end of the course participants are invited to take a test in QCM format which allows them to obtain the second level of the FHH Certification: the Watch Specialist certification

The training covers approximately 80% of the exam content. Participants are expected to use the self-study tools offered by the FHH Academy to supplement their knowledge.

FHH Certification delivers the only internationally recognized certificates concerning theoretical knowledge of watchmaking.

The Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie 

Mission and partner brands


Brands ID cards 

History – Space - Personality 

Offer – Production - Identity 

Emblematic models 

Over 30 watches to recognize 

Development of a watch 

7 steps Manufacture vs etablisseur

Major developments over time 

Great civilizations 

Contemporary revolutions 

10 inventors and their inventions


Date – Day/Date – Complete calendar 

Large date – Moon phase 

Measuring short intervals 

Monopusher/double pushers 

Flyback chronographs - scales 


Inspired by everyday life 

Time zones 

By concept and production 

Retrograde and jumping display 

Sounding watches 


The different materials 




Other advanced materials






Official certificates 

Brand certificates 


The different organizations and their certification

The watch fairs trends 





The 10 innovations of the year that should not be missed