Creation date: 2004

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The brand, the name of which is an anagram of its native city of Neuchâtel, first appears in 2004. Hautlence is renowned for its innovative approaches to time telling. The majority of its calibres are designed and made internally. The design of its watches draws heavily on architectural codes. In 2012, its renown is reinforced when it is purchased by MELB Holding SA, founded by Georges-Henri Meylan, ex CEO of Audemars Piguet.


Guillaume Tetu (ex TAG Heuer) and Renaud de Retz (ex LVMH) found Hautlence.


With its rectangular case and multi-level face incorporating mobile elements of the calibre, the HLQ paves the way for a new watch-making style.


Hautlence becomes part of the MELB Holding SA portfolio founded by Georges-Henri Meylan.


While continuing to refine and develop the brand’s signature codes, HAUTLENCE adopted a brand new, more contemporary and sporty approach. The Linear Series 1 is showcasing this new chapter.

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Hautlence is distinguished by its avant-garde creations that "push the boundaries of traditional watchmaking codes while blending them with mechanical solutions." Together, we celebrate the art of watchmaking, its rich culture, and heritage across the globe.